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Imagine this…  You have spent all this time organizing a great function from catering through to a great location and music. But all your guests remember as if they had chicken or beef.

E-VENTING » The Balloon People

Now close your eyes and imagine the atmosphere has now changed.  Your guests arrive to the same location (all proudly organized by you and your team) and they are greeted by an amazingly inviting themed arch in the entryway.  The doors open and BAM! There are balloons everywhere… columns around the dance floor, the tables have elegant balloons in the center of them. The room now compliments all your hard work and looks amazing…

“We called Renzo 6 days before our event at the Christmas Festival, East Butler Primary School. He truly saved the day! Renzo was on time on the day and worked solidly for us from 11.30-2 pm. He didn’t even stop for a drink! He managed a constant long queue throughout this time! He chatted happily to children adults, his creations were awesome!” 


You will have so much to arrange to make this big day a success. I’d like to help relieve some of that work for you by helping create nice warm and inviting decorations. From an arch or columns to welcome your guests through to a memorable Photo Frame where everyone can have their photo taken. This way they get to take home a memory of an amazing night!

White Black Balloon Arch Kit Agate Black Bronze Gold Balloons for  Graduation Bridal Shower Birthday Party Bachelorette: Kitchen  & Home

For any event that needs balloon decor, Perth through Rockingham, we come early and set up so the disruption is minimal if anything. From custom designs to table centerpieces, I’ll hold your hand the whole way.

I usually come down and get some pictures of the location and with your help on theme discussion, I overlay my ideas on top of the images so you can have an actual vision of how your night will look, rather than just a few scribbles and ideas.

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