Things to Know About Balloon Sculptures

The sculptures made at the entry of any event by using balloons to enliven the entire environment are known as balloon sculptures claimed Balloon Sculptures. Earlier the sculptures of giraffe or elephants were made to entertain the guests at themed safari parties or parties with a sports-related theme. They can allow you and your kids to use their creative skills to enliven their imagination.

How long do balloon sculptures last?
Balloon sculptures can last depending upon various factors including the type of the sculpture, quality, and size of balloons used as well as the effect of environmental elements on the sculpture. In high altitudes as well as in the hot areas dark-coloured balloons usually expand and in cold areas, they may contract which can fix the fate of your balloon sculptures. Moreover, wind can also play an important role in deteriorating your sculpture by oxidizing them when air is flowing constantly.

How do you make a balloon number sculpture?
The process of making a number of sculpture with balloons includes a few steps like:
• First of all, you will have to use an aluminum rod of ?” or ¼” thickness to make the frame of the number you want to make. The frame should be according to the size of the sculpture you want to make.
• Suppose you want to make a sculpture of number 3 then you will have to make two half-circles of aluminum rod and use duct tape to join them in the middle.
• Now add the clusters of 4 balloons to the frame

How much does a balloon column cost?
The cost of a balloon sculpture can vary from $250 to more than $1200 depending upon the style, size, and
complexity of the sculpture. On average, per feet cost of garland arch of air-filled balloons can be from $10
to $20 which can be reduced to $5 by using helium to fill the balloons or can be increased up to $90 per foot
by using an organic gas to fill them. The prices offered by most of the balloon sculpture making companies
may not include the cost of setup, delivery, breakdowns, staging, and cleanup, etc.
What is the easiest balloon animal to make?
The balloon sculpture of a dog is one of the easiest sculptures to make as it is the basic sculpture of this kind.
Balloon sculptures of dogs are extremely popular at parties because they are easy to make. Your child can
make the sculpture of any animal easily once he/she knows how to make a balloon sculpture of a dog. You
have to make 3-4 twists of balloons while making a dog. You can make the nose of the dog with the first
twist and the rest of the twists will help in making its ears and legs.

Does Hairspray make balloons last longer?
Yes, hair spray can help balloons to last longer. But you will have to spray the hair spray on the outer surface
of the balloons carefully. In fact, hair spray seals the balloon and helps the air to stay in it for a longer time.
However, you should not touch the balloon while spraying on it as it can shrink.

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