Unique Balloon Twisting And Artistry

Have that birthday party everyone raves about!

Let’s face it. Birthdays are hard enough to plan without having to worry about having all the children fully entertained. The reason for this is you have kids from 2 years old up through to 12 and as you know, finding something to keep them all amused can be a challenge.  This is the main reason you’re here and Children’s Party Entertainment Perth is here to help solve that problem…

Why settle for a basic balloon dog or sword when your kids can be flying around the room in a custom-made Jetpack (complete with balloon fire!) or how about trotting around with their favorite pony…

“Thank you very much for coming to my daughter’s birthday. What you have done was not just balloons’ creations, every character and everything you have done was so creative, the kids were amazed and the parents were very impressed. Thank you again for everything, looking forward to my next daughter’s birthday. All the best Renzo! Kind regards” 


My job is to change the reality of what balloon animals are by creating the most amazing atmosphere for the kids and helping them connect to maybe their favourite fantasy (ie: Flying a magical dragon around the room or becoming a gracefully  huge butterfly)

This way, you as the parent are free to leave the entertaining to me and have more time to chat to your guests and actually enjoy all your hard work… Knowing you can wander around, interact and see your children smile, laugh and have the time of their lives!

I have visual menus of my designs so even the shy kids don’t miss out – they can simply come and point to what they

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